Boost your brand online

More online visibility results in more direct bookings. We take care of your Search Engine Marketing , both organic search results (SEO) and paid advertising (SEA), and Social Media Marketing in order to drive quality traffic to the hotel website. We also connect leisure hotels and resorts to major Metasearch platforms for the widest possible reach.


Grow your online reach and revenues

Your hotel is unique. And so is our approach to facilitating you with the perfect Digital Marketing package. Depending on your budget, you choose from 4 service levels and we tailor a multi-channel strategy to your hotel's needs. This service helps hotels with high potential for direct sales to fully scoop all benefits Online Marketing has to offer.

Google Ads

The most popular and most common advertising channel. While search campaigns are the basis of any strategy, display campaigns will allow you to gain a wider reach.

Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the advanced ad manager in Facebook & Instagram ads, you can reach a specific group of people based on demographics, interests or media activity.


Metasearch ads are displayed to users who are searching for a hotel in a metasearche’s map or are looking for your hotel’s business card.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of a hotel’s Digital Marketing strategy. Successfully executed it increases website traffic, helps your hotel to stand out in the highly competitive online landscape and boosts your direct booking performance.

Dynamic remarketing from Google & Facebook

Take it a step further and stay ahead of standard campaigns. The tracking code placed in the Booking Engine will allow displaying ads tailored to individual users.


If your hotel has a business offer, LinkedIn campaigns will help you gain valuable leads. You can target your ads by industries, company sizes or positions as banner in the news feed or as InMail direct message.


Yandex is a Search Engine System similar to the Google browser. Do you target russian speaking guests? Place your advertising in the “Russian Google” to direct valuable new web traffic from russian-speaking markets to your hotel's website.

How it works

Step 1: Strategy

We analyze the nature of your hotel, type of offers, and target. On this basis, we will select advertising channels that will increase your visibility on the web.

Step 2: Personal Account Management

We will assign you an account manager who will be in constant contact with you. This is a person who knows your property and your campaigns - a member of your team.

Step 3: Continuous optimization

There is no success without optimization! That is why we care about contact with our clients - to constantly adapt our strategy to changing seasons, availability and new offers.

Want to learn why Profitroom Digital Marketing Services is the perfect match for your property? Let’s have a virtual coffee and chat!