Elevate your guest's experience

Leading industry standards, this Marketing Automation system with unique CRM functionalities gives you access to powerful data-driven insights in order to drive revenue, grow guest engagement, nurture long-term relations and support your direct booking strategy.


Better guest relations

This easy-to-use tool enables you to efficiently maintain regular guest communications by segmenting relevance of your automated content. The digital brand experience you offer along the online guest journey will result in profitable long-term guest relationships and increase your direct bookings.

Built exclusively for hotelier’s needs

All product features have been created to drive revenue and guest engagement to support the direct booking strategy.

Fully automated guest database management

Fully GDPR-compliant. Collect marketing consents with the automated messages module, even after a booking has been made or in case of a booking cancellation.

Advanced guest segmentation and filtering

The advanced database segmentation enables you to quickly send out active offers, newsletters or campaigns aligned to your guest’s preferences.

Unlocking emails of OTA bookings

Collect emails with marketing consent from OTA bookings. You can offer your guests a welcome pack (e.g. welcome drink, SPA discount) in exchange for marketing consent. The system will automatically send a message with this package after each OTA booking

Efficient Guest Relationship Management

Don’t miss any opportunities to follow up on sent offers by using recurring campaigns and newsletters.

Personalised communication

The mailing module for manual and recurring campaigns allows for automated yet personalised guest communication along the full guest journey.

Intuitive system

This easy-to-use system will enable your team to efficiently maintain regular and converting guest communications.

Seamless integration

Into your hotel website. The ultimate power-combo: Profitroom Booking Engine 360 integrated into a highly converting Profitroom Website.

Success stories

Selling More Offers and Experiences by Reaching New Audiences Online

  • 20%
    Increase in direct bookings
  • 2200
    GDPR compliant prospective guest emails

Sura Design Hotels and Suites Chooses Profitroom to enhance user experience

Our customers

In just four weeks we have seen the highest sales of our packages/experiences and a long planned focus on reducing the level of BB’s has been achieved. This is leading to a positive impact across the group. Our direct business in this short space of time has already risen by over 20% to 60%.

Adam Reeves
Chief Executive Officer, The Robert Parker Hotel Collection

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