Manage sales effectively across all your online distribution channels

Profitroom Channel Manager enables efficient management of cross-channel online sales, flexible occupancy rate management and allows you to make bulk updates for prices and restrictions all from a highly user-friendly interface.


With the easy switch to Profitroom Channel Manager you won’t miss out on any potential guests and maximise sales

Automated management of availability, rates & restrictions

Enables efficient maintenance of availability, rates and restrictions across all channels and offers dynamic price management for specific dates. Change prices temporarily without modifying the entire offer!

Flexible rate management

Enables flexible configuration of occupancy rates for major OTAs.

NEW! Bulk-updates

Allows you to change prices, restrictions and make corrections for a longer date range with just 1 click.

Price seasons

Facilitates hassle-free adjustment of prices per season.

User-friendly interface

Separate grids per main feature will offer you a clear overview and easy navigation.


One tool that connects your hotel with all the integrations you need: both the world’s leading and regional PMSs, OTAs, GDSs and wholesalers.

Part of Profitroom Suite

Meaning there’s no additional cost or integration needed for you.

SNEAK PEEK! Self-mapping

This time-saving functionality will allow you to effortlessly connect to OTA channels on your own.


Don’t miss any potential guests and let Profitroom Channel Manager connect you to all the Online Distribution Channels that matter! We are Oracle Gold Partner (Fidelio, Opera) and partner with leading PMS systems around the world, such as MEWS, Opera OXI and Protel. Profitroom Channel Manager also connects you with a multitude of OTA portals (e.g., HRS, Expedia and Airbnb), GDSs (e.g. Travelclick/Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan) and wholesalers (e.g. HotelBeds).

Want to check whether a specific connection is possible? Simply get in touch with our team!

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