At what is, undoubtedly, a critical time for hospitality businesses, we’re excited to be partnering with HyperGuest to offer a unique hotel booking solution.

HyperGuest is a distribution channel that enables direct connectivity between hotels and travel providers worldwide (agencies, Consortia, specialist OTAs, group bookings, etc). This is achieved by facilitating the booking process, enlarging the distribution mix, reducing cost of distribution and increasing margins.

HyperGuest's technology is an alternative approach to often expensive bed-banks and GDS systems, allowing hotels to work directly (B2B) with travel providers - including agencies, corporates, and other forms of demand. By working directly, hotels benefit from better margins, strong control and strategic reach into the demand market. And together with HyperGuest, we’re thrilled to announce the availability of this channel for our Profitroom hotel customers.

As a hotel, you can benefit from using HyperGuest’s channel in the following ways:

  • No fees to the hotel (neither setup, transaction or commitment);
  • New source of high margin b2b bookings, superior to bed-banks or GDS;
  • Simple and easy process through the Profitroom channel manager;
  • Full control of rates and commission, easy mitigation of parity issues;
  • Top-quality pictures, descriptions and amenities for the property and rooms;
  • No pre-contracting required with the demand partner;
  • Guest ownership from the moment of booking.

And, perhaps most notably, there is no cost for hotels that use the HyperGuest platform; neither a set-up, transaction or minimum fee is charged. Agent commission is fully controlled by the hoteliers.

The HyperGuest platform allows you to automatically upload your property's pictures and static data and match them against our room definitions. And what’s more, you can now allow any travel provider to have up-to-date quality pictures and static data, with zero effort.

HyperGuest was founded at the beginning of 2020 by a team of hotel-tech veterans with over 10 years of prior experience servicing hotels and travel demand providers. The company raised a large round of funding for its mission to make sure nothing comes between hotels and the businesses that sell their rooms; nothing besides state-of-the-art technology.

To find out more about how you can boost your hospitality business during these uncertain times, visit https://hyperguest.com/hyperguest-for-profitroom.

Alternatively, take a look at our blog for additional advice on how you can boost your direct bookings.